How to generate qualified leads through your business blog

Your website is up and running, you’re proud of its design and you’re wondering now how to generate quality traffic to boost your sales? Whatever your activity and the structure of your establishment; Whether it is online and/or in physics, setting up content marketing should support you in the quest for new clients.

Each action taken must indeed aim for the only goal, the capture of qualified leads. Choice of objectives, development of your digital strategy, a study of your customer data, the axes of action are many so where to start to generate leads with his blog? That’s what we’ll see together.

1. Work on your SEO

And yes to be noticed on the internet, no magic formula, it will have to work on your personas and the keywords that they use.

Only then will you be able to compete against your competitors and capture your customers to build loyalty. For this, we invite you to carefully study your database to be able to take on the skin of your personas and thus determine the editorial line and the good keywords that may appeal to them. An effective tip is to combine general and specific keywords such as your product or your geographical area.

Concretely, you can combine the natural strategy -SEO- by writing content on your site, and paying -SEA- via the purchase of keywords. Attention one does not usually go without the other at least during your launch and/or during some specific marketing campaigns.

2. Offer content via your company blog

Did you know that businesses with blogging activity average 55% more visitors than those who do not? This invite thinking and serious consideration of content creation.

This is obvious, but it is good to remember, users will regularly check your blog if they find an interest.

The perfect tool to build your audience, your blog should always welcome thematic articles offering a solution to the problems encountered by your audience. In doing so, you will not only generate qualified traffic but above all position yourself in each of your publications as an expert. Your e-reputation will be doubly valued.

Content thinking buyer

To develop your particularly qualified traffic stop writing for yourself and think customer when creating your content! If your blog post is not understandable to your audience or does not generate enough interest, change your message and your tone to tantalize the curiosity of your readers.

In the same way, if your speech remains a very oriented product or service, but finally offers a little solution, the latter will have no impact with your target who generally seeks to satisfy a concrete need. To respond to this request with an informative message without trying to sell you any other measure.

Ultimately, it is the added value of your article and therefore your expert word that will be a source of qualified leads.

Content with high added value

As we have just seen, only the fact of attracting the attention of the internet surfers will assure you of qualified leads via the creation of contents. For that, you will have to answer the problems of your targets by going to the heart of the subject.

Be careful when writing your various articles to always maintain a warm and caring tone. Your sincerity should always be reflected in reading your writings. And because Internet users are looking for a solution to a specific problem, you will have to take the time to respond in a reasoned and detailed manner. Sources, figures, infographics, studies: argue as much as you can to build your credibility.

Do not write to the economy and, on the contrary, consider each article as a forum offering you the opportunity to contribute. Beyond meeting a need, ‘long’ articles will also allow you to have the favors of Google and thus improve over time your SEO.

Develop calls to action

Named Call to Action, this call to action is a daunting technique for your readers. These call buttons can take different forms such as the invitation to read a second article or to subscribe to your newsletter … The important thing is to create commitment and fill your database with qualified leads…

But be careful, to be effective, the CTA must be used sparingly and especially after positioning your reader and therefore your prospect in a state of confidence.

You can offer a free download of a document such as an e-book in exchange for the email address of the reader, insert in the heart of some of your articles buttons for reference to additional articles or establish a pop up when the user is about to leave your blog.

Take the time to understand the path of your prospects on your blog to install at certain points and strategic moments this famous call to action buttons.

3. Target your audience

Capturing Internet users is one thing, encouraging them to stay on your blog and then your site presenting and/or selling your products and services is another!

To turn your visitors into leads, first determine who has a strong interest in you. These are the ones that will generate the most turnover and will allow you to develop your lines of communication.

Studying your database, segmenting it, and sending consistent digital marketing campaigns with each of your segments should provide you with an effective channel for generating and segmenting your leads.

Feel free also to vary the communication channels, sending emails, campaigns on social networks, use Google Ads, each support corresponds to a particular segment and therefore a unique tone, keep this in mind when you set up your digital strategy.

4. Disseminate your content on social networks

Your content is ready on your blog, a beautiful step has just been taken! Now it is essential to broadcast your content to your target via social networks.

Take the time upstream to study which digital channels your target is located on. Is it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or all these platforms? Indeed, more than the content itself, it can respond to questions from your audience that will be critical.

Choose your network Use

Facebook to widely distribute your content to the general public. And beware, as part of a sponsorship, be sure to target users by fine-tuning your segmentation via social-demographic criteria and interests.

Bringing together executives and business leaders, LinkedIn will be particularly effective in generating your qualified B2B leads while Twitter will support your post provided that your network contains a community of influencers relevant to your business.

Whatever network you choose, broadcast as much as you can. The communication of your content is not limited to your page, so see what happens within the groups related to your theme and propose your article if it seems relevant!

It is obvious that given the multitude of social networks, you will have to make a choice and select the ones that will generate the most leads. So, study where your targets are by doing a watch job on the various networks.

Create a remarkable publication

  • A visual that attracts

Although your content is essentially editorial, you will not be able to use a visual on the networks. The latter will attract the eye of Internet users, then you will generate the bottom of your content interest.

And in such a context if using an atypical image can be tempting to maximize the number of views and shares if the latter has no connection with your article you will be considered by the community as a person to avoid. So, plan on a simple visual, square format. This criterion is essential to promote the reading of your post on a smartphone.

In the same way, using the same image for all of your social networks is not always a winning strategy. Imagine instead of your target for a few seconds, will you enjoy seeing on your different newsfeed the same content? Certainly not then play with the codes of each of the channels to capture the interest.

  • A title that hangs

In the same way, as for your article, the catchphrase or title must immediately create a ‘reading accident’ and incite clicking. Make short and effective by choosing strong words, a tone adapted to the uses of your target and especially that generates curiosity. It is not always easy to find the right formula so test each of your publications a new sentence and study statistics both in terms of scope and commitment.

  • Remember to your audience by retargeting

People consult your site but do not perform a conversion action as you would like? No need to panic, you have the opportunity to remind yourself of them in a simple, fast and effective way.

Consisting of targeting people who have already visited your site on Facebook, Retargeting offers you the opportunity to contact qualified prospects in a new way. These have indeed by their visit manifested their interest for your products or services, do not let them go.

Simple to set up, the process of retargeting requires following the following steps:

Facebook pixel installation

And yes, no retargeting possible without this little piece of code to install on the pages of your site.

Create a personalized audience

The retargeting campaign targets a particular segment, so you need to create specific audiences. This creation is a breeze on the Business Manager platform, let yourself be guided by the Facebook proposals at each stage of the creation of your campaign for a configuration with little onions.

Segment your audience

Although your audience has shown interest in visiting your site, it is not homogeneous quite the contrary. A person visiting a product page will indeed be more affected by an advertisement offering a coupon than a reader of your blog who may wish to learn via a free ebook.

You have now selected the appropriate social networks and configured your campaigns. All you have to do is decide on the day and time of your content. The first time will be dedicated to the test phases, so stay confident especially if your statistics are fluctuating. After each publication, carefully study the encrypted reports and fill in this information in your publication schedule. This will allow you to see more clearly and maximize the reading of your article and therefore your visibility as to the content to promote and time slot according to the social networks chosen.

Determination of your prospects, SEO work, deployment of digital marketing campaigns, our expert teams will be delighted to assist you in your marketing actions and help you develop your qualified lead database. We invite you to consult the articles available on our blog and to contact us for any question or additional information. Good reading!